Sitemap - product overview
  • Tape guide / Binding machine

    Part of the Binding machine. The guider is intended for tape of 16 mm wide. Guider for 19 mm tape is available on demand.

  • Splitter / Binding machine

    Part of the Binding machine. Self adhesive tape can be used on the binding machine when this spliter is installed. Spliter separates protection paper from self adhesive tape before it comes in the tape guider and can be applied on the shade.

  • Rubber wheel / Binding mahine

    Part of the Binding machine. We advise you exchange this part at least 1 time per year.
    Diameter  - 38 mm;   Diameter inner opening – 16 mm;   Width working side – 16 mm        
    Slot is suitable for wire 2.8-3.5 m, but you can easily make it wider with a round metal file.

  • Compass

    Tool to obtain big circles till 1,80 m in diameter for developing and drawing of shade shapes. 

  • Tape roller

    Helpful tool to apply tape/fabric to the inner side of shade. Including a bigger wheel for thick and fragile materials as velvet. Suitable for shades made from 0.28-0.35 mm wire.


  • Removable knife

    Special designed knife to process removable laminated materials

  • Fix-it tool

    Simple and effective tool for applying fabrics to self adhesive foil, to avoid creases and air bubbles.