Sitemap - product overview
  • Lucia

    Luxury tie-look satin in champagn colour.

  • Como

    Delicate fabric with shine of pearls

  • Madras

    Beautiful woven fabric with delicate shine

  • Hermitage

    Luxury fabri with beautiful structure and shine

  • Galata

    Shiny fabric with 'brushed velvet' look

  • Monte Carlo black

    Black fabric with silver or copper metal thread. Luxury and sturdy look

  • Monaco

    Fabric with delicate matt shiny in fashionable colour range

  • Beluga

    Exclusive fabric with real glass beads on semi-transparent cloth

  • Byzantium

    Luxury coarse woven fabric with very delicated shine

  • Moiree

    Fabric with moire effect  in classic colour range

  • Basari

    Transparent materials with a 'spider web' look

  • Lebock

    Double woven fabric with delicate shine

  • Iceberg

    Classic fabric with woven 'frozen window' pattern

  • Woods +9

    Eye catcher, elegant pattern, vertical metallic delicate stripes