Sitemap - product overview
  • Porto

    Classic linen with delicated jute look in natural colour range

  • Trento

    Trendy fabric with double colour weaving in wide colour range

  • Jersey

    Linen look fabric with big 'chalk' flowers

  • Guernsey

    Linen look fabric with small 'chalk' flowers

  • Madison

    Mid century modern - Mad Men - loft - New York - chic sofisticated

  • Genova

    Natural linen fabric with luxury shiny coating

  • Livigno

    Luxe heavy linen in wide colour range

  • Finno

    Linen look fabric, treated with Teflon (identical with Sami). Available on white (66.8243.--) and glass clear pvc (6699.8243.--)

  • Jackie

    Classic bouclé in fashionable colours. Chic and decent Jackie look

  • Manhattan

    Heavy linen in wide colour range. Available on glass clear pvc (6699.8213.--) and white pvc (66.8213.--).

  • Linum

    Natural linen in wide fashionable colour range

  • Natural linen

    Natural linen, light grey with with, medium coarse weaving.

  • Sami

    Linen look fabric (identical with Finno, but not treated with Teflon). Available on white (66.8204.--) and glass clear pvc (6699.8204.--)

  • Sauvage

    Beautiful rustic linen look fabric

  • Olbia

    Sophisticated linen look